Nameh is a highly empathetic and curious person. She is a deep connector, loves to laugh and express her connection to the unseen. She was the kid that would walk in a room and tell her mom, "I want to hello him/her!" She is eager to share her excitement, love and encouragement with those she connects with.

Nameh offers a number of sacred experiences for those she connects with to feel into and embrace their true essence.

Nameh has had many lives...after college she worked as a legal advocate for a rape crisis agency, then transitioned to an office professional. In 2008, after feeling disconnected from office work she quit and migrated towards farming. After working two seasons on local organic farms, and graduating from Stateline Farm Beginnings with her then wife, Rachel, they launched Sweet Home Organics (SHO).

SHO started about an hour's drive from their home in St. Charles. While in St. Charles they grew on 4-acres, growing food for 45 families via a CSA program, on-site farmstand and offering seedlings for home growers. In 2013, they said good-bye to the St. Charles land and moved their operation to their home in Villa Park. This move also scaled their business down considerably to simply growing seedlings. Their organically grown vegetable and herb seedlings were available via an online store or at area in-person sales events each May.

In 2014 and 2015, Nameh taught as an adjunct faculty member with College of DuPage. She presented an 8-week course, three times, discussing Organic Vegetable Production. The course covered overview of organics growing techniques, exploring soil and microbial health; as well as planting, weeding strategies, pest considerations, harvesting based on plant families and included visit(s) to local organic farms. In 2016, Nameh partnered with the Morton Arboretum to teach on growing food organically.

In the fall of 2016, Nameh dramatically shifted her life by moving to New Mexico. She made the tough and right decision to say goodbye to the farm (SHO), divorce and dive into a healing profession.

In October, Nameh attended her first Path of Love workshop. It was a hugely transformational experience being witnessed and fully embraced for all of me in love. See this link for more.

In November, Nameh began her HeartThread training which brings practitioner and client into the heart field. Within this field we can listen in to what our heart wants to say, and open to the healing that can come. Nameh and her NM travel buddy, Sitara offer HeartThread sessions either in-person or over the phone. See this link for more details.

In December, Kim embraced her sannyas (spiritual) self by taking the name Nameh (pronounced Nahm - eh) which translates to "I bow".

January 2017, Nameh became a podcast host with the launch of Hearing Our Hearts, the podcast. The show intentionally focused on 'moving out of our stories and into our hearts', featuring guests and deep-dives on our lives.  

Fall 2017, Nameh dove deep into a spiritual coach training program. This exploration further culminates the various healing modalities Nameh embraces. In a coaching session, clients hear all of who they are as well as feel their longings. Nameh's ability to hold deep sacred space supports clients uncovering and aligning with their true essence.

2018 held more time of transition. Nameh began training as a Sacred Passage Doula. Within this exploration is the opportunity to feel into how might one’s life shift were one to learn they had three months with their body. Transitions are present everywhere. Are we honoring ourselves as we experience these transitions. Might there be grief, joy, anger, sadness, disappointment, excitement… through what’s unfolding? These questions and more, Nameh believes are at the core of witnessing and embracing the life that’s ours.


Within challenging times Nameh found her self-supporting resources; moving her body (dancing, hiking, yoga...), embracing nature, hearing and looking beyond the surface. She has immense gratitude for the many generous-hearted individuals who have shared themselves and helped Nameh stand in who she is today.