Nameh is a deep connector, loves to laugh and express her connection to the unseen.
Connect with Nameh to feel into and embrace your true essence.

“Nameh creates such a safe, loving and accepting space that supports me in diving into deep juicy territory. Her grounded, open and intuitive presence is such a joy to experience. There is always room to say anything. I have never felt so seen, heard and validated. After my time with Nameh, I feel more connected to my heart and my purpose in this world.” — J. C., California

Nameh has had many lives...after college she worked as a legal advocate for a rape crisis agency, then transitioned to an office professional. In 2008, after feeling disconnected from office work she migrated towards farming. After working two seasons on local organic farms, and graduating from Stateline Farm Beginnings, with her then spouse they launched Sweet Home Organics (SHO).

SHO started in St. Charles. While in St. Charles, produce was grown on 2-acres, providing food for 45 families via a CSA program, on-site farmstand and seedlings for home growers. In 2014 and 2015, Nameh taught as an adjunct faculty member with College of DuPage, presenting an Organic Vegetable Production course. The course covered organics growing techniques, exploring soil and microbial health; as well as planting, weeding strategies, pest considerations, harvesting based on plant families and included visit(s) to local organic farms. In 2016, Nameh partnered with the Morton Arboretum to teach on growing food organically.

Nameh dramatically shifted her life in 2016 moving to New Mexico. She made the tough decision to say goodbye to farming, divorced and directed her focus on a healing profession. Santa Fe brought deep inner personal work support by various communities. Nameh embraced her spiritual self by taking the name Nameh (pronounced Nahm - eh) which translates to "bowing to the gifts from the Divine".

Nameh completed Spiritual Coach and End of Life-Sacred Passage Doula programs. Considering that people tend to die mirroring how they lived, how do we want THIS life to go?

In coaching sessions, clients open more fully to their true selves. Nameh’s approach focusing on the following questions:

  1. What do you long for?

  2. What’s stopping you from that longing?

  3. Does it need to stop you?

  4. How present are you to yourself as you experience life’s transitions?

Transitions are a part of our daily experiences. Are you feeling grief, joy, anger, sadness, disappointment, excitement… through what’s unfolding? Is your life force freely expressing? Do you feel supported in these feelings? What resources do you call upon?