Frequently Asked Questions

Nameh's background

Nameh began her working career as a Rape Crisis Legal Advocate supporting people and their families through the trauma of sexual violence. She then worked 10+ years in various office settings in downtown Chicago. After many years working for others, Nameh took a leap of faith in quitting the comfortable steady working world and cultivated her farming career. She grew organic vegetables and seedlings. The years working with the soil and with people curious to know how to grow their own food were quite precious in bringing Nameh into alignment with Spirit through nature.

In 2016, Nameh lept again, this time leaving the comfortable, stable life she knew for 40+ years in the Chicagoland area to explore the southwest, Santa Fe New Mexico. This shift incorporated her bringing her spiritual connections more present in her day-to-day work. Specifically in training to become a HeartThread practitioner and Spiritual Life Coach. The rigorous spiritual life coach training from the Life Purpose Institute, included over 60 classroom hours and 40+ practice coaching hours.

For the past 20 years Nameh has been pushing to increase her self-awareness through therapy, spiritual retreats and group experiential work. See this link and the Resource page for more details .

All of these experiences inform her professionalism, depth of compassion, invitation of sacred spaces, and spunk to embrace what's present our every day life.

belief systems

Some people ask whether one's spirituality or religious beliefs needs to match Nameh's. The short answer is no.
Nameh support clients in however they reach 'the Beyond,' whatever form or means that takes.


Often people are living a smaller version of themselves. People believe it is safer, that they’re less likely to get hurt with their walls up. Yet they struggle with feeling isolated, lonely, and conflicted. They are unable to reach their goals for connection with themselves and those they love. 

Clients find their own resources to step out and live life embracing their full, authentic selves. Nameh's clients uncover their answers, inspiring themselves to make bold steps. Her role is to support clients hear, feel and move what’s ready to move out of the way.


Nameh believes EVERYONE wants to shine and embrace all of who they are. She finds clients have many of their own answers. By spending time in a safe, sacred space clients begin to re-discover their true essence and ignite their own self-awareness when looking at life's questions.

At the heart of the coaching process, Nameh focuses on three questions.

  1. What do you long for?
  2. What’s stopping you from that longing?
  3. Does it need to stop you?

Type of Sessions

Sessions can happen in person at the Hearing Our Heart's office space in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Otherwise, sessions can happen over the phone or via online video or audio feed.

Session cost

Nameh's goal is to find a way to support all clients regardless of financial resources. Bartering for services might be an option. Reach out directly to see what can be arranged.

Type of packages

Nameh would gladly help you determine which package would work best for you.
Via this link, clients can choose individual 60- or 90-minute sessions -OR- packages of four 60 or 90-minutes sessions. 

Form of payment

Clients are invited to pay online using a credit card. See this link. Otherwise, in person clients can pay by check or cash.

What clients say...

"After my time with Nameh, I feel more connected to my heart and my purpose in this world."

"Nameh is an intuitive, perceptive, and safe life coach. I can trust her to get me."

"After my time with Nameh, I feel more connected to my heart and my purpose in this world."

"I was struggling in my current job. I was tired and stressed. Hope was not a word I use to describe how I saw my situation. Today, everything about my life has shifted for the better. I have a new career direction. My relationship with my family and friends has changed for the better."

Read more testimonials via this link.