HeartThread is a transformational healing modality where a trained practitioner and client connect into their respective heart fields. The practitioner then connects to the client's body (virtually or in-person) verbalizing messages that the client's spirit and hearts long to hear. The client is invited to speak those messages thereby bringing these messages into consciousness. Doing so can help shift and heal our bodies.

Our bodies hold awareness of our past pains, current contemplations and what our heart wishes to speak. Through the HeartThread experience individuals can open to and receive what messages come forward.

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What do sessions with Nameh look like...
Clients are first gently guided in a brief meditation to support connecting into their heart field. The practitioner connects with the client, be that with or without touch and in person or virtually (over the phone/Skype). The practitioner provides words that the client is invited to repeat back. Through speaking these messages cellular changes can occur. Old patterns can be released, transformed and healed.

Clients have the option to either record their session themselves or Nameh is happy to record and send the audio file afterwards. Listening back to a session can help the anchor and further integrate the transformations

The shifting impact of a HeartThread session can be felt days (up to 21 days) after your session.


“During our HeartThread session, in a very gentle way, Nameh intuitively connected with—and spoke to me—the message of my heart. Upon hearing that message, I experienced a tremendous opening of my heart, into love and vulnerability. It was both affirming and healing.”

— Phil - Santa Fe, NM

“Nameh was able to pinpoint my physical (and therefore, emotional) discomforts perfectly and so accurately. Then we worked through them so beautifully. And the visualization we processed was extremely healing as well. I feel calmer in my mind (and of course, body). I am very much in touch with my emotions, and they have been elevated/very intensified for me since our session. I am able to embrace them and lead me to understand more; I have more clarity around them and what’s been behind them, allowing me to be more accepting of them and willing to explore deeper, or release where necessary.”

— Anonymous

“Facing changes in life often feels challenging, my HeartThread session with Nameh and Sitara was such a different experience, one where my hand was held and i was guided.. by my own heart AND also with the gentle help of nameh and sitara, I was actually able to hear it speak, feel it’s energy and absorb it’s intents, understandings, and feelings.. the voices I could not hear because my judgements and fears drown it out. My session was such a powerful process.

I used to carry around a constant tension or constriction in my abdomen. This was my beings way of controlling my space to feel safe. Within my session, I was able to recognize the system of support and safety that I have surrounding me, physically and spiritually all the time. With this new understanding, I have been able to release the tension in my abdomen not needing to control so intensely, rather allowing my space to be held by those surrounding me. FEELING safe with these beings. ALLOWING them to watch over me instead of manipulating my own environment constantly. What a powerfully energizing shift!”

— Deepa - Nashville, TN


Session Pricing
The following prices are applicable whether the session takes place in-person or virtually. If paying using a sliding scale would support you, I welcome our talking about that. The intention is for these services to be available to everyone.

1st time, try it session (about 20 minutes) - FREE
30 minute, $65
60 minute - $110
Four, 60 minute sessions - $350

Not sure what to expect?  Consider scheduling a 1st time/try it FREE session so you can experience HeartThread for yourself.