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Rhoda Mitchell and Nameh Marsin bring an opportunity to experience HeartThread, an amazing healing modality. It is powerful, freeing and can accomplish a lot in a little time – within short (15-20 minute) sessions clients notice tangible benefits.

HeartThread honors the magic of the heart, the wisdom of the body, and the love of the Angelic or Spirit-realm. The HeartThread process is simple. First we connect to our individual hearts, becoming centered and grounded. Next a trained, certified practitioner connects with your body, hearing its messages and inviting these messages into consciousness. Cellular shifts occur, releasing deep, unconscious patterns, traumas and wounds and replacing them with patterns that are clear and empowering. Benefits can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

Cost: $15

HeartThread℠ is a healing modality specifically designed to gently and thoroughly release limiting patterns and stored trauma from the body. It does this by connecting the body and the unconscious mind, allowing the integration of held dysfunctional patterns & beliefs so they are released and replaced with patterns that are clear, congruent and empowering. The patterns released may include deep, stored pain from trauma, emotional challenges, misperceptions, automatic reactions & trigger points, physical difficulties and chronic issues ranging from stress to depression. Healing and resolution happen on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. And since a person’s own body is offering the messages and the energetic shifts that come forth, every session deals specifically with what is needed by that recipient at that time. The results are often deeply and observably transformational and permanent.

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In a HeartThread℠ session, a practitioner sits behind the person receiving the session and touches that person’s back. (In situations where touch is not allowed or possible, HeartThread℠ can be effectively done without it.) The practitioner and the receiver focus on their hearts and enter the “field of the heart” together. Because the heart field is shared, the practitioner can then receive messages from the receiver’s body - through touch, observation and intuition. S/he then says them aloud, and the receiver repeats them. This process closes an electromagnetic circuit, causing the shift and release of the limiting, painful patterns held in the cells.

The power and importance of HeartThread℠ as a healing modality can be illustrated by the spontaneous comment of a woman who received two twenty-minute sessions at a recent workshop. When she entered the workshop space, her shoulders were hunched, her face expressionless and she did not meet people’s eyes. At the conclusion of the 1st session, she said that she was “blown away”. After the 2nd session, her posture was upright, her face relaxed and open and she told the assembled group of 15 people, “Now I feel like I can go on.”