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Brene Brown

Brené, a shame and vulnerability researcher AND empowering story-teller, has been such a treasured teacher of mine. Her work invites me to be with myself and bravely choose to share who I am with the world.

So many books!
I thought it was just Me
Gifts of Imperfection
Daring Greatly
Rising Strong
Braving the Wilderness

See this link for an excerpt from Daring Greatly on the Myth: "Vulnerability is a Weakness".

Sobonfu Some

Sobonfu Somé left her body in early 2017. Her work focused on the power of acknowledging and honoring our grief.  I had the honor of being at a grief ritual with Sobonfu (and many others) April 2016.

Sobonfu's mission:

Destined from birth to teach the ancient wisdom, ritual and practices of her ancestors to those in the West, Sobonfu, whose name means “keeper of the rituals” traveled the world on healing missions sharing the rich spiritual life and culture of her native land Burkina Faso, which ranks as one of the world’s poorest countries yet one of the richest in spiritual life and custom.

Dagara rituals involve healing and preparing the mind, body, spirit and soul to receive the spirituality that is all around us. “It is always challenging to bring the spiritual into the material world, but it is one of the only ways we can put people back in touch with the earth and their inner values.”

Falling out of grace: Meditations on loss, healing and wisdom

The Spirit of Intimacy: Ancient African Teachings in the Ways of Relationships

Music can be a meditation that invites us to connect to ourselves.

Path of Love

Step-by-step, Path Retreats open your eyes and empower you to live the life you have always dreamed of and hoped for…a life full of joy, aliveness and deep connection to yourself and others, your creativity and your work.

Experiences held around the world.

This community has been such a strong part of my inner development. A space to be embraced in your totality and invited to explore who you are and what you want in THIS life!