Nameh has a beautiful way of holding the energy in a room. Her presentation style intertwines engaging the audience infusing her playful, spunky style while experiencing the subject matter.

Each talk includes the reminder to be gentle with ourselves as we explore our inner worlds.


In Santa Fe, Nameh has speaks on a variety of topics:

  • Bringing Love to your Finances. Hearing what helped build your financial values and inviting communication skills when talking with your partner. 

  • Remembering WHY you create. Strategies to understand & move through creative blocks.

  • Moving beyond the story and into the heart. Curiously listening to that story the might be covering your heart's wisdom.

  • Owning our words: Are you sharing your authentic self? Do your words convey your heart? Discover word changes that can have you speaking your truth.

  • Stop 'shoulding' all over ourselves. Exploring the language we choose and how it directs us.

  • What is our body telling us? Track and feel into what our body can help us know about our experience(s).

  • Bridging the space between Us and Them: We each crave connection and yet our conditioning would have us believe there's a separation. We'll explore WHY the bridge was developed.

  • Honoring those walls that keeps us safe. We've built walls as a means to stay 'safe.' These walls may keep us at a distance from ourselves and those we love.

Nameh began her public speaking work with medical & legal professionals during her rape crisis legal advocacy work. Those presentations connected people with the experiences of those impacted by sexual violence.

Nameh's shift to farming had her MC three annual Chicago's farmer talent shows and teaching all things organic veggie growing for backyard enthusiast to professionals.